~ 5 Years ~

5 years. Everything is possible.
Death, accident, happy life, marriage, bad luck, good work and etc.
Mode : studying Individual Counseling subject.
Place :  Library USIM
Time  : 5.00 pm

Subject : Individual Counseling Lab
Chapter 12 (Stage 2) :
Task 2-B : Goals, Outcomes, Impact
Task 2-C : Commitment      

Ok, lets setting our goals!

Goals should be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and have Time Frame.

yeah! hmmmm.. Setting a goal is not as easy as that.
It is not " I wanna be someone before I get married ".
or " I wanna give my friend's children duit raya at 2020 "
Soo,, who you are then.? Someone?? What is the meaning of someone?
Make it specific! Make it clear!

Dare to dream~

We should look for the outcome too. Set goals that are worth more than you cost.- it is to be economics. :)
It is bad, to work hard for no outcome. It is bad, to wait and wait for unwilling person.
Do think of the impact too..

Last but not least, and the important one, COMMITMENT.
Do you willing to pay for what you want???!!!

Ok, So conclusion nyaa,,

. . . . 

Lepas ni memang kena menconteng goals la ni. Perancangan sedekad dah buat dengan kawan2 hari tu. Tapi macam kena betulkan balik je.. Banyak yang kena betulkan ni,. ;)

Who am I in next 5 years?

 amin.. :)

p/s : Buat goals macam bukan budak jemaah. Ehm ada beza ke?  Semoga perancangan budak jemaah lagi baik dan jauh lagi bagus.


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